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They're on the walls! They're on the walls!!

2006-02-16 | The Old Town - Girona - SPAIN (map it) | By: qemm

Fancy some modernist arts?

2006-02-16 | Salvador Dali Museum - Figueres - SPAIN (map it) | By: qemm

Same view... every morning... every night

2006-02-15 | Railway station - Granollers - SPAIN (map it) | By: qemm
This is the city I lived in while on my trip to Catalonia.

One day for a shoe-monk at 1km high

2006-02-14 | Montserrat monastery - Barcelona - SPAIN (map it) | By: qemm
An extraordinary place. My shoes were absolutely happy to visit the place.

A day-off in Catalonian park

2006-02-13 | Park Guel - Barcelona - SPAIN (map it) | By: qemm
A beautiful park in Barcelona. The whole idea of Tripping Shoes was born there while sitting on a stone wall, relaxing, admiring the view :)

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