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The Volcano Should Errupt Just About Here

2007-08-20 | Volcano - Santorini - GREECE (map it) | By: pavasaris
It was very very hot!

Apparently Pink Is Fashion In Greece

2006-08-05 | Samaria, the ferry boat and the balcony - Samaria, Irakleon - GREECE (map it) | By: Zazza
So , this summer I was in Crete :) so I have some photos of my shoes :)

So Tired - Unable To Rise The Camera

2006-07-25 | Oldtown - Rethymno, Creta - GREECE (map it) | By: Mindasas
Some corns and plasters on my feet after 14 km walking through Rethymno suburbs...

Should I Go In? That Canyon Looks Dangerous

2006-07-04 | Samarian Gorge - GREECE (map it) | By:

The path so narrow it's not even there

2006-04-26 | Mountain Olympus - GREECE (map it) | By: Elvis
The idea of the photo was to to shoot how narrow was the path going up the mountain. Can't remember how the shoe got here. But it is here :)

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