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I Wonder What Are They Looking At

2007-04-21 | Emancipation Park - Kingston - JAMAICA (map it) | By: poluden
Statues in the middle of a fountain at the main entrance to the Emancipation Park.

I Wouldn't Be Sticking That Foot Out of the Boat

2007-04-10 | Alligator Hole - JAMAICA (map it) | By: poluden
Real crocodile in an Alligator Hole. I've almost jumped from the boat when suddenly noticed him approaching me at a great speed. Hand made paddle and a camera were my only weapons.

No Woman, No Cry

2007-04-10 | Road from Alligator Pond to Alligator Hole - JAMAICA (map it) | By: poluden
Real and authentic jamaican rasta, lives on his own for 7 years, does fishing for living and smokes ganja a lot. Locals call him Bingie-man.

I Wonder If My Shoe Leather Came From This Farm

2006-10-09 | Clarendon parish - JAMAICA (map it) | By: poluden
Home seeking traveller can find muck even in exotic country

A Croc-O-Weed

2006-06-25 | Bank of river 2 km west from Spanish Town - Spanish Town - JAMAICA (map it) | By: poluden
This huge and wonderfull Wally made me sit down on a bank and shrinking in fear take some pictures of it. He was blinking and yawning (I hope not from hunger).

I Can Almost Hear The Rhythm Of The Sunset Reggae

2006-06-19 | Negril Point - Negril - JAMAICA (map it) | By: poluden
Most western point of Jamaica, Negril Point near lighthouse. Sunset.

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