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We're Landing. Please Fasten Your Seatbelts and Withdraw Your Feet From The Windows

2007-10-02 | Klaipeda - LITHUANIA (map it) | By: edux
What on earth are my shoes doing up here!?!

Ummm... What Is It?

2007-09-03 | Karvio - LITHUANIA (map it) | By: vytenis@kitoks

Mature Audience Only

2007-09-01 | Entertainment Bank - Vilnius - LITHUANIA (map it) | By: 7itron
Mini Bikini Show

Is It Just Me Or You're Wearing Them Wrong?

2007-08-16 | LITHUANIA (map it) | By: paukshte

C'mon Baby! Who's Gonna See Us Up Here?

2007-03-26 | The beach - Nida - LITHUANIA (map it) | By: vidas b.
Calm October

This Tree Seems Cushy Enough

2007-01-02 | Balcony - Vilnius - LITHUANIA (map it) | By: avras
My jackdaw

Wendy! I Can Flyyyyyyyyy....

2006-10-11 | Vilnius - LITHUANIA (map it) | By: 7itron
In hot air balloon above Vilnius

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