Let's Go Light Up Some Candles

2007-07-29 | Cathedral of Christ the Saviour - Moscow - RUSSIAN FEDERATION (map it) | By: Paudras

Any Bears Out There?

2007-07-19 | East Sayan, river Kyngarga - Arshan, Buriatia - RUSSIAN FEDERATION (map it) | By: poluden
Still thinking if it was worth of swimming in ice-cold water of a funny named river. Ach, as soon as we made 6.5 thousand km trip to this place - we would be sorry later if we didn't catch a flu in this river today :-)

From Russia With Love

2007-07-08 | Red square - Moscow - RUSSIAN FEDERATION (map it) | By: poluden
Red Square is the heart of Russia. But the most interesting things happen under ground. You might listen to Vivaldi's Four Seasons somewhere in "Metro"(Moscow underground) passage and the sound and performance quality will be much better than that in Vilnius Filharmony. Amazing country

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