I don't know about you but I've seen my share of travel photos. Seeing the same famous places over and over again - even with a different face next to it - and pretending to be interested became a very boring task. That's when I came up with a crazy idea of turning this kind of photos from another angle - the shoe. I will be posting my shoe travel photos on this site. I would surely appreciate if you could as well!
The photos below are not fake. Enjoy!

This Wall Is Well Guarded

2007-09-23 | Brivibas bulvar - Riga - LATVIA (map it) | By: poluden


2007-09-16 | By Laurel falls - TENNESEE - UNITED STATES (map it) | By: balloon

Careful! You're Stepping On Your Shadow!

2007-09-16 | St Joseph, MI - UNITED STATES (map it) | By: balloon

That's What I Call Photorealism

2007-09-10 | Hostel - PRAHA - CZECH REPUBLIC (map it) | By: patikra

Ummm... What Is It?

2007-09-03 | Karvio - LITHUANIA (map it) | By: vytenis@kitoks

Mature Audience Only

2007-09-01 | Entertainment Bank - Vilnius - LITHUANIA (map it) | By: 7itron
Mini Bikini Show

One Bridge Less... Noone Will Notice

2007-08-27 | Sjælland-Fyn, Storebæltsbroen, (Zealand –Funen, the Great Belt Bridge) - DENMARK (map it) | By: arka

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